Lets NOT let COVID-19 ruin the Halloween season ” parade”. A FEW crafty’ die-hards came up with a unique, one-of-a-kind “drive-up” experience that will combine elements of a drive-thru and drive-in with a haunted show. Guests will go through a different and creative way of experiencing the frights & spooks within the relative safety of their own vehicles, so by eliminating the person-to-person exposure. So gather your ghosts/goblins, by renting one of our Party/Limousine buses you all can enjoy a SPOOKTACULAR time. Sit back an sip a nice cold beverage of your choice. And let Limo service Fontana worry about: traffic, Zombie apocalypse, GPS & crowds. ? Call today.

Traveling During Covid-19, what to expect.

Limo Service Fontana has taken many safe practices for your safety and ours. We are very much looking forward to the continuance of the country re-opening. We want to keep all of our past, present and future clients informed.The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) is the most reliable source of correct information for you. They have several different pages regarding travel and safety. They also provide a contact form for you to enter your email address to receive information.As travel restrictions continue to lessen and people are moving about. Limo Service Fontana is continuing to keep your safety in mind. We have our cleaning team that sanitizes each vehicle before heading out. We also have cleaning products within each vehicle to keep seats, floors, door handles and every touchable place within the vehicle.This is a process that will continue going forward. Keeping each vehicle completely sanitized so your travel experience with us is top quality. We look forward to seeing you soon and accommodating you to your next destinati LimoService Fontana